The ForeSender
Chronicles Series

Fantasy Action-Adventure Thriller


A dragon-shifter sleuth with a mystery to solve. Invaders from the stars. Billions of lives on the line.

Galindra still mourns her mother’s unsolved disappearance and yearns to discover the truth. She leads a team of investigators tasked with probing a savage kidnapping and murder. The mystery deepens when sinister forces conspire to stop her … permanently.

After a chance encounter with travelers from an unknown planet wielding advanced weapons and strange technology, Galindra wonders if they are friend or foe. As dangers multiply, she resolves to find her missing mom, rescue the prince, solve the murder, defeat an evil entity, stop an invasion, and save entire worlds from doom.

All while watching her back for a homicidal witch bent on blood—hers.

The ForeSender Chronicles is a cross-genre fantasy action-adventure thriller series with breathtaking action, ferocious mythical beasts, devious plots, betrayals, and a mother and daughter’s struggle to reunite despite desperate odds. 

Author Adrian Murphy invites you to enter the spellbinding world of Galindra, the dragon-shifter sleuth, today.

Book 1

A dragon-shifter sleuth with a mystery to solve. Sinister forces bent on her destruction. Can she crack the case and prevent wholesale carnage?

Galindra still mourns her mother’s mysterious disappearance and yearns to discover the truth. She’s an interstellar investigator possessing special powers, tasked with probing into a nobleman’s baffling abduction and a cruel murder.

Sparks fly when she encounters strange newcomers from an unknown planet wielding advanced weapons and unfamiliar technology. She resolves to unravel their true purpose, rescue the prince, and keep thousands of innocents from extermination.

But her biggest challenge is to stay one step ahead of a homicidal witch who’s out for blood—hers.

Fury is the first book in The ForeSender Chronicles, a cross-genre fantasy action-adventure thriller series. If you like a grief stricken but determined protagonist, shadowy enemies with hidden agendas, and barbarous creatures wreaking widespread mayhem, then this fast-paced novel is for you.

Author Adrian Murphy invites you to grab your copy and join Galindra’s quest to find her missing mom and save the galaxy today.

Book 2

A conspiracy’s dark heart. Invaders at the gates. A planet edging toward annihilation.

When the portal Galindra helped protect maroons her on a barren desert world, she can’t transform into her dragon self and faces ancient formless entities determined to devour her soul. A shocking vision offers fresh evidence about the fate of her missing mom. Mere delusion…or the key to undoing her greatest sorrow?

As invasion looms, Galindra battles savage enemies and sinister intrigue. She vows to find her mother, confront a killer, save her homeworld, and combat a trio of magic-wielding witches with one purpose in mind—devastation.

Has she met her match?  

Rebirth is the second outing in Adrian Murphy’s cross-genre fantasy action-adventure thriller series, The ForeSender Chronicles. If you enjoy ruthless foes with special abilities, cunning conspiracies, and perseverance despite crushing odds, then this gripping book is for you.

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Book 3

Special powers manifesting unexpectedly. A peaceful outing shattered by a deadly attack. Will an ancient entity’s quest for vengeance spell disaster?

Thanks to a vision, Galindra now has hope her missing mom is still alive. If so, where is she? And who or what is behind her mysterious disappearance?

When a magical sensing stone is accidentally triggered, Galindra rushes to save a little girl’s life. She puts all thoughts of finding her mother aside after an alarming event triggers a murderous onslaught.

A startling discovery has the power to change her life forever—if she survives.

Destiny is book three in Adrian Murphy’s cross-genre fantasy action-adventure thriller series, The ForeSender Chronicles. If you love complex characters, devious plots, and struggles against formidable opponents, then this pulse-pounding novel is for you.

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Book 4

A deadly confrontation. A new enemy’s brutal push for conquest. Will one planet’s quest for survival cause another’s doom?

Galindra faces an agonizing death. After a no-holds-barred fight against a vengeful mage, she battles a dark spell’s lethal side-effects. But when an unexpected foe bent on global domination captures a key fortress, will her powers be enough to protect her planet and save her life?

Struggling to keep her sanity, Galindra seeks help from beyond the interstellar void. Chaos ensues as bonds of blood and friendship are tested like never before, and she fears her homeworld and family could be hopelessly shattered.

Can Galindra overcome a ruthless antagonist’s unremitting hatred, or is everything she treasures doomed to destruction?

Blade is the engrossing fourth installment in The ForeSender Chronicles, a cross-genre fantasy action-adventure thriller series. If you enjoy quests to find lost loved ones, courage in the face of daunting adversaries, and loyalties strained to breaking point, then you’ll love this high-stakes book by Adrian Murphy.

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Book 5

A formless evil bent on remaking the Earth by dark magic. A courageous dragon-shifter sleuth. Can she save billions from a brutal death?

Galindra is overjoyed at reuniting with her mother. But celebrations are stalled when she faces the greatest challenge of her life. Stranded on a strange planet called Earth, she’s desperate to stop an ancient entity from unleashing a ruthless foe.

Closing in on her adversary, Galindra is determined to capture or kill the creature. But she’s in for a shock and fears her abilities won’t be enough to protect her mother and all humanity from mortal danger.

Can she thwart the most formidable sorcerer that ever lived and prevent global devastation?

Resolve is the breathtaking conclusion to the Calistra Cycle, a five-book story arc within The ForeSender Chronicles, a cross-genre fantasy action-adventure thriller series. If you love intense magical battles against a fierce nemesis, startling special powers, and bittersweet family reunions, then you want this electrifying novel by Adrian Murphy.

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Prequel Novella

A first mission gone awry. Ancient ruins hiding a dangerous secret. Can she unravel a murderous plot before millions perish?

Galindra is desperate to prove herself. Fresh out of training and leading a new, untested team, she wrestles with doubts about her abilities. Ordered to escort a visiting princess back to her homeland, it seems a straightforward task until dark forces intervene and unleash mayhem.

Risking the lives of her companions, she is determined to complete her assignment at all costs. But when a lethal struggle ensues amid murky catacombs, Galindra wonders if she has what it takes to save her comrades and defeat a ruthless, powerful foe.

As treachery and war threaten, will her debut assignment as squad leader also be her last?

Set in the ForeSender Chronicles universe, Dragon Sleuth is a standalone prequel novella (can be read with or without reading the main series). If you enjoy fantasy action-adventure thrillers featuring a resolute but inexperienced lead character striving to overcome a cunning adversary; tense battles for survival; and deadly, unexpected enemies, then you’ll love this enthralling book by Adrian Murphy. Just right for fans of fantasy, magic, and adventure everywhere. 

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Short Stories

Standalone prequel short story

A celebration turned to sorrow. A troll with an appetite for flesh. Can a young dragon-shifter avoid being a meal for her mortal enemy?

Long before becoming a top-notch interstellar sleuth, Galindra takes her first flight in dragon form using her magical powers. It’s almost her last. 

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